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Kim Crawford Elements of Sparkle

Create Unexpected Elements of Sparkle

Add some glitz to your glassware! Elevate even the most ordinary wine glasses with a quick hit of gold on the rim, it’s a surprisingly simple way to inject your holiday soirée with just the right amount of seasonal sparkle. Here is how to do this at home:



Pour edible gold flecks into one bowl and wine into the second bowl.

Put latex gloves on to protect your hands from the gold.

Dip the glass rim about 1 inch into the wine.

Then, dip the glass rim into the bowl with gold flecks and work all around until every part is completely covered with the edible gold flecks.

Use the cloth or paper towels to wipe off any areas that you do not want sparkling!

Place in freezer so the wine and gold flecks dry. You can leave overnight, or at least 2-3 hours. This helps make sure it won’t flake everywhere.

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