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Flower Ice Bucket

Frozen Floral Ice Buckets

Add some panache to your favorite summer wine – Kim Crawford. Transform the traditional ice bucket using edible flowers to create imaginative, functional décor.

What you’ll need:


Buy edible flowers at your local specialty grocery store.

Prepare a space for the bucket in freezer – it must be able to sit level.

Half fill the bucket with cold water and add flowers, keeping back one handful. Swirl them around gently.

Place in freezer for about two to three hours, or until the edges begin to freeze. This is critical; it has to be partially unfrozen to carry out the next step but icy enough to hold the flowers in place.

Remove from the freezer. Place plastic bottle in the large bucket and weigh it down with coins, stones or similar (inside a plastic bag) until it floats, with a little free space between it and the outer bucket. The water will rise up the sides, and the flowers should remain in place, held by the ice.

Quickly sprinkle remaining flowers into the water. Return to the freezer, making sure the bottle is well centered (you can use tape to hold it in place.) Leave for 24 hours.

Remove from freezer, and remove coins.

Pour warm water into the bottle to slightly melt the ice that is holding it in place and gently remove it.

Turn the bucket upside down, supporting the ice; run warm water over the base and slip ice bucket out. Admire it, then wrap in plastic wrap and return to the freezer until you want to use it.

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