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Kim's Festive Rings

Kim's Festive Rings

Add some festive flair to your space with this holiday-chic decorating tip. We think they strike just the right balance between a traditional wreath and a flower crown. Arrange them on your wall to create a stunning seasonal accent wall.

What you'll need:

To make your own gold springs, you'll also need:


For DIY gold sprigs:
If you're making your own gold sprigs, first choose a ventilated area. Protect your surface with newspaper, then lay your sprigs on the paper and spray until you've achieved your desired gold. Let them dry completely before adding them to your rings.

For rings:
Take a piece of floral wire and form it into a circular shape to your desired size. Connect the ends of the wire with floral tape, wrapping it around several times to secure the shape.

Choose your sprigs and buds. We recommend roughly 3 inches of stem. This will help you easily fasten the stems to the circular shape with the floral wire. Start with the green and gold stems, adding the berries and buds as accents. Position the stems around the circle going in one direction, building to your desired fullness.

Once you're happy with your rings, position them on the wall as desired using mounting tape. Enjoy!

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