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Add the unexpected to your special occasion with this fringe forward décor. A splash of metallic and a pop of color are the perfect way to elevate any party.

What you’ll need:


Measure & cut the following shapes on foam core:

Kim Crawford New Zealand Wines

1 square 15” x 15” (on 1 piece of foam core). Add a hole in the middle of the square so you can add a string to hang your piñata.
4 trapezoids 15” x 5-½” (sides) x 20” (on 2 pieces of foam core).
4 isosceles triangles 20” x 18” x 18” (on 2 pieces of foam core).

To assemble the shape, lay the 15” x 15” square down on the floor.

Attach the short side of each trapezoid to a side of the square, using a small piece of duct tape.

Attach the 20” side of triangle to the 20” side of the trapezoid, using a small piece of duct tape.

Poke a hole through the center of the square shape and thread a strong string through center hole, tape and knot.

Fold pieces together to create a diamond shape and loosely tape the bottom where the points of the triangle connect.

Have a friend hold the diamond by the string and proceed to tape all the seams.


Take your 15 Mylar pieces and carefully cut 2” strips lengthwise.

Take each section and fold in half, then half again. Cut a fringe leaving ½ - 3/4” at the top and set aside until you have cut all pieces.

Apply pieces of fringe to the bottom of the diamond (at the point) with tape. Work your way up doing the top last. You don’t have to tape the entire length of the fringe, just parts of it to keep it secure.
Enjoy! Or Bash!

Kim Crawford New Zealand Wines
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