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Savoury Smoked Salmon Macaron appetizer recipe

Savoury Smoked Salmon Macaron

Makes 35

For the Macaron Shells - Ingredients

For the Macaron Shells - Directions

Separate egg whites into two bowls, one with 60g and the other with 25g.

Place sugar and water in a small saucepan attached with a candy thermometer. Heat over medium until mixture reaches 240F. Do not stir in order to avoid crystallization.

Add meringue powder and cream of tartar to the bowl with 60g egg whites.

Using an electric mixer beat egg white mixture until frothy.

Slowly pour the hot sugar mixture into the frothy egg whites and continue to beat until soft peaks.

Mix remaining egg whites with almond meal and icing sugar. Fold into the meringue mixture.

Place batter in a piping bag fit tied with 1/2 inch round piping tip.

Pipe out macaron on parchment lined baking tray using a macaron template.

Lift trays a few inches off counter and slam down. Repeat 2 more times.

Allow macaron to dry for 30 min on counter. Preheat oven to 280F

Place macaron in oven for 13-15 minutes once dry to touch. You should be able to touch macaron without batter sticking to your finger.

Sprinkle chive and gold leaf over macaron.

Let macaron cool completely.

For the Macaron Filling - Ingredients

For the Macaron Shells - Directions

Place ingredients in a food processor and pulse until mixture is smooth.

Transfer mixture to a piping bag fitted with a star tip.

Pipe 2 teaspoons onto half the shells and top with remaining shells.

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