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Stir Sticks

Stir Sticks

What you'll need:


Measure and mark your piece of brass tubing into the following: 6 - 1" long pieces and 4 - 1.5" long pieces. Use your wire cutters to cut the tubing on the measured marks. It should cut the tubing easily without squishing the tubing.

Once you have your pieces, begin to assemble the diamond by threading three small 1" pieces onto the gold wire.

Fold the wire sticking out of the end of the last tube through the beginning of the first tube to create a triangle.

Add two more small tubes to the open end of the wire and thread it through one of the neighboring holes to create another triangle.

At this point you should have two triangles attached to each other with both wire ends sticking out of the same end.

Put two of the 1.5" pieces on the wire and thread through one adjacent side to create a longer triangle.

You should have both wires stick out of the same end again.

Thread the last large tube onto the wires and wrap the wires around the long triangle wires and twist to secure the diamond structure.

At the bottom add your last piece of 1.5" tubing and bend the end of the wire up around the tubing. (Image #7)

Hot glue your diamond piece into the top of one of the gold straws and voila, you have your first stir stick. Repeat for as many sticks as you need.

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