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Kim Crawford Sparkling Wine Tower

Undone Sparkling Wine Tower

Create the most memorable and festive toast with an unconventional twist on a traditional sparkling wine tower! Replace traditional coupes with eclectic short glassware for a dramatic and wildly unexpected setup.


Start with a solid table for your tower’s base.

Build a sturdy base with festive tumbler-style glassware and top with a mix of crystal and metallic rimmed glasses (test them out in advance to make sure they will balance).

Start off with 10 glasses, for example, in a square at the bottom.

The next level is nine glasses, then eight, and so on.

Make sure each glass touches its neighboring glasses. You will see a diamond shape made between the glasses if done correctly.

Once the tower is assembled, slowly pour the sparkling wine from the top glass and it will trickle downward.

Invite everyone to take a glass and join in a group toast! Instead of leading the toast, you can also start "toasting roulette" catching guests by surprise for an impromptu toasting session near the tower. Put everyone's name in a hat, and whoever is pulled has to give a toast! As a bonus, the sparkling wine will not be wasted or sit too long.

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